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If you are wanting to eliminate saltillo floor tile and you reside in the Phoenix AZ area, our unique DustRam® System of Tile Removal Equipment is created to catch the dirt at the source, avoiding it from ever becoming airborne and also contaminating your home.

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With these specific devices as well as our highly knowledgeable team, Arizona Home Floors ensures your home will be as tidy, otherwise cleaner, when we leave compared to when we arrived.

Various other business declare to get rid of tile “tidy” or “clean” or with “essentially no dirt” utilizing standard tile tools as well as safety measures like plastic sheeting or water.  Dust that becomes airborne will certainly get in your cabinets, cabinets, storage rooms, curtains, furniture, duct work as well as affix itself to both your wall surfaces as well as ceilings.  If your project produces 500 pounds of dirt, leaving just 2% means 10 lbs of dirt will certainly infect your home.

The firm you choose for your ceramic flooring tile removal task need to have the right devices, an outstanding online reputation, and impeccable client evaluations.

Call Arizona Home Floors TODAY for your removal project: (480) 418-1635 to review your project and discuss how we could assist you with your flooring remodel.

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  1. It is a Bosch chipping hammer with a DeWalt dust collection-extraction attachment.

    Thanks for watching!

  2. this is fast and clean. how much is one of these bosch chipping hammers or can they be rented with attachments

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