Dust Free Travertine Tile Removal Phoenix Arizona

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Here is a video showing the process from removing travertine tile dust free:

As some contractors will tell you, travertine tile typically produces quite a bit of dust, more so even, than traditional 12 by 12 ceramic tile.

What are customers saying about the system used by Arizona Home Floors?  Well, Arizona Home Floors reviewed a Yelp review below that we wanted to share with you:

dust free travertine tile removal

As you can see in that video above, all that is left once we have removed the travertine tile and the thinset is just a bare concrete subfloor that is flatter and contaminant free.  The grinding process removes many micro high and low spots.

The video below will show off the differences between the Dust Commander to remove travertine floor tile versus the patented Dust Free DustRam System.

As you can see, the system invented by Jack King is able to do so much more, including, but not limited to, avoiding the machine hitting the baseboards unnecessarily.

Here is what the floors looked like after the travertine flooring removal project was completed Dust Free:

travertine tile removal

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As you can clearly see, there is nothing but just a clean, bare concrete sub floor ready for the new hardwood flooring installation.

There are many benefits of using a dust free floor removal company, here are but a few:

  1. Projects are completed with no dust
  2. There is no cleanup as Arizona Home Floors takes all the dust and tile or wood debris with us
  3. Homeowners don’t need to cleanup their pantries
  4. Homeowners don’t need to have their air ducts cleaned
  5. Homeowners can be assured that the dust free system is faster than traditional removal of floor tile
  6. Since all the dust is captured at the source when it’s being created, no plastic sheeting or tape to hold the plastic will be used as the dust never has a chance to go airborne.
  7. The system protects homeowners from the dangers of crystalline silica dust exposure.

As you can clearly see from the other reviews we receive homeowners are extremely happy to have their homes back clearer than it was before we arrived.

We are licensed, bonded and insured, check out our BBB page to see more.

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Scottsdale Tile Removal Dustless – Porcelain Job

This post will be about a recent porcelain tile removal service we performed in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Before getting into the job, check out what we received on our Phoenix Tile Removal Facebook Page, we received this review for another job that we completed in Phoenix:
dustram review phoenix arizona

This was great to hear!  We love reviews like this because the client understood how important it was to have the tile removed with no dust.  There was a concern about heath even before the job was started, this is why the dust free DustRam® System was created, to ensure a dustless experience from start to finish.

As you can also see, Mr. Warwaruk stated that when he utilized another company, he had to put up protective barriers and spent more than a day doing so.  And even with these barriers, he still was required to wipe everything down when he went with the traditional tile removal service.

Watch this video to see the difference:

This time around, Mr. Warwaruk chose to go with Arizona Home Floors and as you can see, he was glad he did.

Thank you Mr. Warwaruk for the wonderful review!

Now, here are some of the great facts about the job we had:

Dust Free Porcelain Tile Floor Removal job was a 250 square feet job that took place in the master bathroom.  The entire job was completed in one day with time to spare thanks to the wonderful ability of the DustRam® System of floor removal, which was completely dust free during the entire process.

Saltillo Tile Removal Phoenix 480-418-1635

We had a 1013 square foot saltillo tile removal job in Phoenix on July 27, 2016.  We put more videos on how to remove saltillo tile flooring where we show off our patented DustRam System.

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This job consisted of removing flooring in the following areas:

  • Entry
  • Hallway
  • Hall
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry
  • Kitchen (see the pictures above)
  • Dining
  • Living room
  • Recessed shelving
  • Master bedroom
  • Master bathroom
  • Baseboards

phoenix saltillo tile removal                    saltillo floor tile removal

Please Watch The Saltillo Tile Floor Being Removed in the Video Below!

Here are some great before and after photos.  Notice how clean the floor is.  The counters did not even need to be wiped because no dust went airborne during the removal of the tile.

A necessary saw cut was made below the top stone on the Hearth and at the front of the dishwasher. This was done to carefully remove vertical tile underneath.

Phoenix Saltillo Tile Floor Removal Job Summary

Two toilets, two washers, a dryer and refrigerator had to be moved before flooring removal even started.  See these pictures below to see how it was done safely:

before bathroom tile removal                    bathroom tile removal after

Before the bathroom tile was removed, versus after.  Note the care we took in relocating the toilet.

before flooring removal                    after flooring removal

Drapery hardware on the tile is removed carefully, then given to the customer for future reinstallation.

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Here are some videos on how we remove saltillo tile with no dust:


Arizona Home Floors Dust Free Tile Removal Reviews

Arizona Home Floors has mastered the art of dust free tile removal in the Phoenix Arizona area for years.

Many businesses have attempted to duplicate our method of dustless flooring removal, but they have failed, their customers have spoken up and they don’t like the work that they do.

The DustRam system of removing tile flooring was invented and patented by Jack King and is continual progression since it’s inception in 2009.

Currently, Jack King is working on improving the system even more, leaving his competition in the dust, literally.  The system protects homeowners from the dangers of crystalline silica dust exposure.

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Here is a picture of Jack King:

Jack King-Phoenix AZ Floor Tile Removal

As of 1/8/14, 6 patent applications have been filed, with more applications in the near future.  On November 12, 2013, the DustRam® System received its first patent #8,578,554 (System and method for capturing dust from power tool operation) and on August 5, 2014 received its second patent #8,793,835 B2 (System and method for capturing resultant dust from power tool operation).

It normally takes about five years or more to receive an issued patent but Jack received two in only 20 months.

Here is the most recent reviews Arizona Home Floors has received from Yelp:

Yelp-Arizona Home Floors Review

Here is another review taken from our Google review page:

Customer Review - Google - Arizona Home Floors

Finally, be sure and check our BBB page where we received an A+ rating!

Arizona Home Floors BBB Page A+ Rating

There have been no complaints on the BBB in the last three years:

az home floors bbb no complaints

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