Scottsdale Tile Removal Dustless – Porcelain Job

This post will be about a recent porcelain tile removal service we performed in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Before getting into the job, check out what we received on our Phoenix Tile Removal Facebook Page, we received this review for another job that we completed in Phoenix:
dustram review phoenix arizona

This was great to hear!  We love reviews like this because the client understood how important it was to have the tile removed with no dust.  There was a concern about heath even before the job was started, this is why the dust free DustRam® System was created, to ensure a dustless experience from start to finish.

As you can also see, Mr. Warwaruk stated that when he utilized another company, he had to put up protective barriers and spent more than a day doing so.  And even with these barriers, he still was required to wipe everything down when he went with the traditional tile removal service.

Watch this video to see the difference:

This time around, Mr. Warwaruk chose to go with Arizona Home Floors and as you can see, he was glad he did.

Thank you Mr. Warwaruk for the wonderful review!

Now, here are some of the great facts about the job we had:

Dust Free Porcelain Tile Floor Removal job was a 250 square feet job that took place in the master bathroom.  The entire job was completed in one day with time to spare thanks to the wonderful ability of the DustRam® System of floor removal, which was completely dust free during the entire process.